Vestfrost Solutions A/S

Vestfrost Solutions A/S has been using MiR robots to optimize production and work environment for several years. This case shows how a 60-year-old company in Esbjerg has revolutionized processes using modern technology and how they are ready to take the next step on their journey with MiR. 

The challenge for Vestfrost Solutions A/S

Vestfrost Solutions A/S, a family-owned company with over 60 years of experience, produces refrigeration and freezing solutions primarily for the pharmaceutical and food industries. With just over 200 employees, they produce 200 units in eight hours every day.  

Four years ago, the company invested in its first MiR robot after noticing that employees were covering 50 kilometers a day transporting goods from warehouse to production. Today, those 50 kilometers are carried out by five MiR robots, which has led to a significant reduction in manned forklift trucks, improving safety and the working environment: 

"The big goal for us was to improve safety and the working environment. Where we used to have many trucks driving around at high speed, MiR has now taken over much of that transportation. The fact that three trucks have been taken out of production alone provides a better working environment. Now it's both calm and nice to be here," says Jens Gadgaard, PTA Manager, Vestfrost Solutions A/S. 

Optimization and efficiency in the warehouse

Vestfrost Solutions A/S has implemented 5 MiR robots including MiR250 and MiR250 Hook solutions. Employees pick goods in the warehouse for the MiR robots, which then transport them to the production. This process optimization means that the robots now account for 80% of all transport at the factory: 

"We have improved our production flow from our warehouse down to production. It has made the employees more efficient, they didn't have to waste a lot of time on transportation." says Jens Gadgaard. 

Three trucks have been removed and those trips have been replaced by MiR robots. Likewise, the 50 kilometers that employees used to travel on foot have been taken over by MiR. Employees have not been saved, but their time is now freed up for a more efficient workflow. 

Data with MiR Insights

The employees themselves have been responsible for implementing the company's MiR solutions. When a new robot arrives, they unpack it, connect it to MiR Fleet and it's pretty much up and running. It is the warehouse employees who control the robots in their daily work via MiR Fleet. 

They also use MiR Insights to see where they have workflow challenges. Among other things, MiR Insights can show the factory layout with green and red areas indicating where there are bottlenecks in production: 

"MiR Insights is very logical and easy to use. It allows us to make decisions based on data and thus optimize our workflows," says Jens Gadgaard. 

We have improved our production flow from our warehouse down to production. It has made the employees more efficient, they didn't have to waste a lot of time on transportation

Vestfrost solutions

Jens Gadgaard

PTA Manager at Vestfrost Solutions A/S.

A journey with MiR

Vestfrost Solutions A/S began their journey with a single MiR200 and has since expanded with MiR250 and two hook solutions. The various flexible options of the MiR robots have especially helped employees become good at thinking of new uses for transportation robots. Automation of pallet transportation with the larger models, MiR1350 or MiR1200 Pallet Jack, is therefore in play. 

The successful integration of MiR robots has not only resulted in safer and more environmentally friendly production, but has also increased efficiency and significantly improved the working environment. Vestfrost Solutions A/S is an excellent example of how technology can transform a traditional manufacturing company and create new opportunities for growth and development.