The use of driverless robots, such as the MiR250 equipped with a MiR250 Shelf Carrier to automatically pick and deliver carts through the facility, increases the efficiency at the distribution center of TTI, in Maisach-Gernlinden, from where the company serves the entire European market. 

Issue & solution

TTI is the global market leader in the distribution of electromechanical and passive components. Due to digitalization in recent years, the demand for these components has increased enormously. Therefore, it has been essential for the company to constantly optimize its logistics in order to meet the growing market requirements. For TTI, the best solution to achieve this goal has been using driverless robots. 

TTI relies on driverless systems from 2 different manufacturers: Mobile Industrial Robots & Global AGV. Three L-14 driverless systems ensure that full containers are removed quickly from the goods receipt area. In addition, empty pallets are regularly picked up using the Palomat pallet storage system and taken to the outgoing goods department.

A new addition is the MiR250 Shelf Carrier. A total of 5 robots autonomously transport mobile shelves that have been individually manufactured to the next destination. With the real-time analysis dashboard Waku Sense, the reliability and utilization of the various robot systems can be recorded and evaluated at a central location.

With the driverless robot systems from Jugard and Künstner, we have increased our efficiency in our distribution centre enormously and optimally prepared the entire warehouse for the digital future.

Michaela Fritz

Director Business Solution bei TTI, Inc.