FM Logistic

The MiR mobile robot in FM Logistic: innovations for operational perfection

FM Logistic is an international logistics operator present on 3 continents.

The company has implemented an autonomous MiR200 mobile robot that transports used packaging between the co-packing line and the tippler, with which it works without human intervention. Thus, it supports the optimisation of intralogistics, relieves employees from monotonous tasks and reduces the costs of waste handling.

The MiR200 mobile robot works around the clock in a three-shift system, 5/6 days a week. It covers a distance of 300 (three hundred) meters at a time, and 18.5 kilometers a day.


Annually, FM Logistic's copacking activity generates 200 tons of used cardboard packaging - it has to be transported and recycled.

 “In our company, we support automation, especially in areas where employees perform physically heavy, repetitive and non-value-added activities throughout the co-packing operation. However, we remember, in line with our corporate DNA, that the employee is the key figure in the entire operation. No automation can replace a person with a non-schematic way of thinking” says Agnieszka Widawska, Copacking Manager at FM Logistic in Mszczonów.

Walking around the hall with used packaging is unproductive. The autonomous MiR200 mobile robot implemented in 2019, called Mirek by colleagues, does the job for people and allows them to focus on tasks requiring experience and manual precision. As a rather weird colleague, he builds his colleagues' openness to new innovative solutions and positive changes.


“The implementation of the MiR 200 robot in Poland was a pilot implementation in the FM Logistic group. The purpose of the implementation was to verify the technical possibilities of using this type of robot in intralogistics processes, as well as in processes supporting co-production processes, such as co-packing” says Arkadiusz Buczek, Director of the Copacking Department at FM Logistic in Mszczonów. “A definite advantage of this solution is the ease of its implementation. The programming itself is not complicated, the application is intuitive ”- adds Arkadiusz Buczek.

The MiR200 mobile robot works around the clock in a three-shift system, 5/6 days a week. It covers a distance of 300 (three hundred) meters at a time, and 18.5 kilometers a day. The duration of one mission is about 10.5 minutes.

Programming the robot for the task of taking away used packaging was simple. The employees took care of it under the guidance of a software developer. Support of the ABZ Automatyka integrator allowed the application to achieve an additional, advanced goal - the robot began to cooperate with the tippler. Now no worker has to pick up the container and dispose of the packaging on their own. This task is performed by a robot, a dedicated control system and a tippler.

One mobile robot for such a large area of a logistics platform is seemingly a small automation, but in fact a step towards greater optimization of intralogistics - without changing the existing infrastructure, in a hall where every square meter is at a premium.

The incredible advantage of this solution is that we do not interfere with the building's infrastructure. Another undeniable advantage is that it is a mobile solution, we can transfer it to other locations, it is safe and easy to use. In our case, the technology responded to the production expectations

Arkadiusz Buczek

Director of the Copacking Department at FM Logistic in Mszczonów

Fully Autonomous Automation

The MiR robot was provided by ASTOR, a supplier of modern technologies for industry, an authorized distributor of Kawasaki, Epson and MiR robots in Poland.

What distinguishes the MiR mobile robot? It has various functional options, dedicated to logistics applications. Out of the box and programmed, it is ready for work. “It knows from where and where to go, safely avoids people and obstacles, runs on batteries, charges itself in the docking station” says Łukasz Mąka, MiR Robot Manager at ASTOR. 

FM Logistic is recognized as a pioneer of innovative solutions in the field of logistics. The optimization of copacking processes, thanks to the elimination of unnecessary activities, is another step in improving the quality of services.

The Polish implementation of a mobile robot on the logistics platform in Mszczonów is a pilot project that is already ready for knowledge and technology transfer - it has gained recognition in other European units of FM Logistic.

In line with the sustainable development strategy, the logistics platform in Mszczonów near Warsaw has decided to increase the efficiency of transportation of unnecessary packaging remaining in the product copacking process.

FM Logistic is an international logistics operator present on 3 continents and in 5 business zones: Western, Central and Eastern Europe as well as Asia and Latin America. The company currently employs over 27,000 employees, has over 4 million m2 of warehouse space and manages a fleet of nearly 3.5 thousand vehicles in transport.

In the region of Central Europe, the company has 19 logistic platforms, 27 transhipment warehouses and employs over 5.5 thousand employees. FM Logistic has been operating in Poland for 25 years.

 “FM Logistic is primarily an international organization with many experts and managers in its portfolio. Today, our great advantage  is that we can use our experts to implement many projects. The principle of reinventing the wheel is a key argument for us to convince our potential clients to implement new projects, but also to develop the businesses of all our clients "- says Mariusz Jóźwik, Regional Director, FM Logistic in Mszczonów.

FM Logistic, acting as an integrator between producers and retail chains, implements an integrated vision of all processes: from storage, through co-packing, co-manufacturing, to transport and distribution.

Copacking, i.e. unpacking, repackaging, relabeling and shipping goods, especially those produced in short series, allows producers to focus on selling and promoting their products.

Every day, about 70 different products go through the copacking processes at FM Logistic, packed once again using 20 different packaging technologies, also combined.