Scope a Business Case with AMRs

Automation is creating new opportunities for more productive and safe environments. However, the objective of most manufacturers stay the same: they must keep globally competitive by responding more effectively to customer demands, saving time in workflows and reducing costs.

Autonomous mobile robots (AMRs) are already widely used in manufacturing facilities throughout industries worldwide. Here, they can help optimize material and product movement. While AMRs can improve workflows significantly, tightening margins and cost-cutting pressures are keeping manufacturers from investing in new technology. They need to see a clear and short-term ROI. According to a new report conducted by MiR, 88% of business leaders have concerns surrounding ROI speed, which slowed their automation attempts down. 

In order to get the organizational commitment to invest in AMRs, getting a better understanding of the business value of the mobile robots is essential for manufacturers who want to stay competitive

Three benefits from the MiR logistics solution

Icon Industries Fast Development


The same type of robot can be used in different applications in multiple shop floors with minimal modifications to the layout.

Icon Industries Increase Efficiency

Fast implementation

The easy-of-use features allow quick programming without prior skills or knowledge.

Fast payback

With joint MiR applications you can benefit from fast payback as Visteon

Visteon optimizes productivity and achieves a ROI of less than a year with AMRs

Visteon in Slovakia deployed four MiR200 robots to automate three different tasks within internal transportation; PCBs supply to SMT lines, collection of waste material and transportation of finished plastic components. The robots run 24/7 five days a week.

For Visteon, the MiR logistics solution offered three main benefits.

  • Flexibility: The same type of robot can be used in different applications in multiple shop floors with minimal modifications to the layout.

  • Fast implementation: The easy-of-use features allow quick programming without prior skills or knowledge.

  • Fast payback: “The basic rule of our company is that any investment into production must be with a payback in one year. The MiR robots have met this requirement. We are looking forward to a joint future with further MiR applications.” Richard Čiernik, Industrial Engineering Manager at Visteon.

Visteon Slovakia will shortly extend their fleet of mobile robots, especially for the applications of waste collection, material supply and transport of finished products. These plans are based on a proven successful experience with MiR.