From the beginning Amer established the goal of completely automating the handling operations, that is, with the complete absence of human intervention and above all, the dynamic integration of the process aimed at managing all events in real time.

Daniele Fontò

Production Manager of Amer

Amer SpA has programmed a MiR industrial robot that interacts with a Modula storage system and autonomously performs the entire material picking and placing phase. The purpose of the system is to transfer a semi-finished product from plant to plant, while also managing a buffer, a warehouse that could fluctuate from a few hours to work to at most a few days, with very high rotation rates.

Aiming for full automation

Amer SpA is an Italian company that develops and designs AC and DC motors, gear motors, steering systems, complete traction systems for vehicles, and battery-powered applications. The Amer Group's purpose was to transfer a semi-finished product from one system to another, also managing a buffer zone with a very high turnover rate. Amer wanted a way to move parts from one section of the operation to another without requiring human intervention.

A Modula vertical lift module combined with a MiR robot seemed to be the perfect solution. For the plant requiring full automation, Amer selected a single Modula ML75 to hold the semi-finished goods. The unit receives semi-finished goods from a MiR robot and stores them as long as needed – a few hours to a few days – before another MiR retrieves the goods and carries them to another part of the factory to complete the work.

The VLM is programmed to move the needed tray into position as the MiR heads in its direction. The robot arrives, docks by scanning the QR Code in front of the bay, picks up or places the material, and confirms the end of the operation, with no requirement for human intervention. All operations are coordinated using AMER SW supervisor, MiR fleet manager, and Modula's warehouse management system (WMS) software.

The automated system

The system as a whole consists of the Modula vertical warehouse, a MiR robot, which takes care of the handling between the components of the system, and the roller conveyors that feed at the input and output of some industrial systems in the various process phases.

The entire process is entirely automatic, with no human intervention.

MiR and Modula vertical storage systems, a winning combination!