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About the Event

Dive into the future of technology and automation by joining the MiR Community Expert Forum Summit in partnership with MiR Community.
We are excited to present a unique opportunity tailored for our global customers who want to lead the way in robotics technology.

Join us at our headquarters in Denmark and participate in a summit that takes a broad perspective on robot technology, the transformative synergy between artificial intelligence (AI) and robotics including the future landscape of robotics and automation. This summit, will take place in MiR's new facilities the Cobot and AMR Hub, which we shared with our Teradyne sister company UR. The summit focuses on inspiring speeches, networking, knowledge sharing and live product demos enhancing the new possibilities using AI and data, strategic considerations, the latest industry trends, and a tour in our show room and production to see some cobots in action.

MiR Community Expert Forum is designed for our global customers seeking to explore new horizons in robot implementation and become integral members of the dedicated MiR Community. The summit caters to individuals within companies who work as self-integrators and are responsible for this aspect, willing to share experience and join in deep dialogs with technical aspect and AMR as center. The summit is tailored for Executives, Automation and Robotics Managers, Logistics Managers, and AMR Enthusiasts interested in future trends, AMR roadmap and insights from the robotics industry.

Perks of the Summit

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Expo: Cutting-Edge Partner Solutions

Discover top modules from our esteemed partners at the Expo. It's an excellent opportunity to explore the latest advancements in technology and find innovative solutions for your business.

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Live Demonstrations

Experience the newest MiR innovations in action. Our live demos in the showroom will showcase the latest technology, allowing you to see first-hand how these advancements can transform your operations.

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Keynote Sessions

Gain insights into the future of production with robots from both internal and external speakers. Our keynote sessions will cover a range of topics, offering expert perspectives and the latest trends in the industry.

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Networking Opportunities

Connect with like-minded participants, share knowledge, and engage in meaningful discussions. Our event offers a unique opportunity to network and build valuable relationships within the industry.

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Breakout Sessions

Engage in breakout sessions facilitated by selected experts, covering a range of topics relevant to the robotics industry. These sessions offer in-depth discussions and networking opportunities.


DAY 1) – Thursday 10th of October

Opening Keynotes:
Insights from MiR, UR, and Teradyne top management and product specialists.

Special Guest Speaker:
NVIDIA - Artificial Intelligence in Robotics

Product Demos:
Discover the latest innovations:

  • The manipulator/robot arm - Universal Robots

  • Pallet Jack - Mobile Industrial Robots

  • Mobile Cobot - Enabled Robotics

Breakout Sessions:
Participate in dynamic discussions and gain valuable insights, facilitated by MiR experts.

  • Deployment

  • Proof of Concept Phase

  • Scalability of the fleet

  • Service offerings

Partner Expo at the Showroom:
Explore various partner exhibits showcasing the latest advancements.

Production Facility Tour:
Guided tour of the MiR/UR production facility.

Networking Event:
Enjoy drinks and an evening event at the First Hotel Grand.

DAY 2) – Friday 11th of October 2024

News from MiR:
Presentation on the latest software roadmap and MiR Insights.

Guest Speakers:

  • Insights from external speakers from the robotics faculty of Odense University on Data-Driven Deployment

  • Speaker slot open for customer presentation

Partner Presentation:
Discussion on Interoperability and Traffic Management.

  • Future of Robotics - Presentation by Odense Robotics on upcoming trends and expectations in the robotics industry.

  • Danish Technology Institute will deep-dive on the theme, Technology for a better future

Optional Meetings:
Opportunity to have one-on-one sessions with MiR experts and management.

Both days will offer excellent opportunities to engage with other participants and network.

*The agenda is preliminary and will be updated as more details become available and further input is received.

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If you have any questions regarding the MiR Expert Community Forum and the upcoming Summit at MiR HQ in Denmark, please contact Marie Zoffmann, Strategic Account Marketing, and she can assist you.