MiR Finance

Companies in all types of industries, and large and small, are grappling with ways to become more efficient, while at the same time keeping their costs as low as possible.

Automation is a way to optimize productivity and give you the competitive edge. However, according to a market survey that we made, 88 % say concerns surrounding ROI speed slow automation down. The cost-efficient mobile robots from MiR offers a fast ROI, with a payback period in often less than a year. If you want to see immediate return on investment and have low or no upfront costs for your AMRs, you can lease your MiR robots with MiR Finance.


Get a MiR robot for as little as 3.58 € (4,44 $) per hour!

Sounds too good to be true? It's not. With MiR Finance, we offer you a way to implement our mobile robots at a low hourly cost.


The calculation of leasing an AMR from MiR is quite simple. The hourly cost is based on a financial leasing period of 48 months and a monthly rate of 575 € (711 $). We have included a one-shift operation with 160 working hours in this calculation. If you run two or three-shift operations, your hourly cost is even lower! 

Your benefits

  • No cash-out and low monthly costs
  • Immediate payback on equipment
  • No CAPEX needed
  • Easier internal approval process for OPEX
  • Match costs with income stream 



Use our calculators to check your costs for the MiR robots

In our online calculators you can get an overview of the ROI you can expect for the MiR robots you need, or your leasing costs if you want to lease the mobile robots.

Want to get started with MiR Finance, or want more information?

MiR’s distributor network is working with a third-party company to provide lease programs for you. The leasing terms are flexible, from 2-7 years. MiR’s distributors will continue to be responsible of first-level support, service and maintenance. In this way, not much will change for you as a customer. Now you just have one more option in terms of payment for your robots, but the usual conditions continue, so you can benefit from MiR’s global reach and local support.

The leasing offer is subject for credit approval and availability in your country.