Become a MiR OEM Partner and accelerate your product development

MiR develops autonomous and collaborative mobile robots, and we embrace the spirit of collaboration, not only between humans and robots, but also between different systems to deliver new solutions to meet new needs and demands.


Why become a MiR OEM partner?

As an MiR OEM partner, you get the opportunity to add mobility to your current or new automation solutions. Turn everyday machines into mobile units by adding our autonomous navigation, and control capabilities. 

Our solutions can extend your offerings into the areas of mobility while proving exceptional user experience. The MiR robots are open source platforms, that enables OEMs to customize the robots for your solutions, both in terms of new top modules and hardware and customization of software via a full-featured REST-API.


“Using MiR robots as our basis, we succeeded in building up and patenting the first fully automated sterile centre in the world. As a result, we now lead this technological field globally. Other systems are much more static and take up a lot more space."



What are the benefits of being a MiR OEM partner?

As a MiR OEM partner, you get the opportunity to expand your business and discover new business areas by making your solutions mobile. Furthermore, you receive extensive benefits from MiR.

Our collaborative approach allows OEM partners to quickly increase their level of expertise through

  • immediate access to new product and feature release information
  • training
  • technical support
  • single point of contact to product management and R&D.

Being a MiR OEM partner also gives you opportunities for co-marketing activities and visibility on our website.


Who can become a MiR OEM partner?

At MiR we are always looking into interesting collaborations. Our AMRs are used in a wide range of industries and applications, and we see many opportunities for OEMs working with material handling throughout different industries, in hospitals and e-commerce and retail.  


How to become an OEM partner

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How an OEM gets a competitive edge with the addition of MiR robots

The AMRs from MiR can help companies innovate further and

develop new solutions based on a mobile platform.





The solutions offered by MiR

MiR offers a wide range of scalable, flexible, and adaptable

mobile robots that are ready to be implemented into your solution.