Life at MiR

MiR is a pioneer and a first-mover in the field of collaborative, autonomous mobile robots that are currently changing the way companies handle their internal logistics.

MiR is driven by an inherent innovative mindset, which is supported and displayed throughout the entire organization. A can-do attitude is embedded in MiR across all departments, from R&D to sales, and our quality focused employees are always looking to find the best and most innovative solutions to respond positively to changes, and that will help them improve the business for the better.

At MiR, we set high expectations for our employees. At the same time, we also believe in empowering our team with a high degree of responsibility and providing an environment where people are able to develop both personally and professionally. We focus a lot on the social relationships among employees and continuously work to create a strong organizational culture in a company that is growing fast and has a large presence across the globe. Click here to meet our employees.

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A Career with Global Opportunities

Watch our video and sense the vibe of an international career in the robotics industry.

  • Can-do Attitude
  • Dedicated
  • Trustworthy
  • Ingenious