Quality Policy

Customer Focus - We build in quality throughout the product lifecycle & the entire value chain. We focus at meeting our internal & external customers’ expectations and measure the satisfaction

Improvement - It is an ongoing effort from all employees in MiR to improve our quality in our solutions, products and processes. We shall, continuously, improve the quality experienced by our customers

Process Approach - We place priority on how things are done. We value process orientation as base for achieving our quality results

Engagement of People - We train, involve and motivate all our employees to actively contribute to quality - in a better way. Quality is delivered through a pro-active focus from every employee

Relationship Management - We use the knowledge about and experience of our suppliers, to develop partnerships and thereby foster improvement within performance and quality

Leadership - We set quality targets, use data and fact based analysis in our improvement of the quality in solutions, products and processes


14. January 2020

Søren E. Nielsen