Introducing an autonomous mobile robot that anyone can program

While most modern manufacturers recognize the need for automation if they want a dynamic and flexible supply chain, there can be concerns surrounding the complexity of implementation.

In fact, a recent industry survey found that a lack of qualified staff was a key driver in preventing the intensification of automation.

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However, business leaders who are looking to get ahead by implementing autonomous mobile robots (AMRs) need not worry.

For the majority of daily operations, the intuitive and sophisticated MiR is easy to set up and get going without any prior programming experience. This is unlike the robot’s AGV predecessors.

In fact, AMRs are so user-friendly, you can even run them from your pocket on your smartphone. MiR AMRs can be set up and controlled via their simple, web-based interfaces.

Each mission can easily be stopped, started or adapted with a smartphone, tablet or computer. Though, of course, not all users are granted the same access to all the functionalities of the interface, which makes it easier to control.

If help is needed there is access from the dashboard, but the MiRAcademy is always on hand, with a variety of short online courses that can be taken anytime.

The ease of MiR’s robot programming has been seen by Johnson Controls-Hiatchi Air Conditioning.

The multinational manufacturer implemented a MiR200 AMR to work in collaboration with the warehouse operator to deliver parts and materials. They found the robot quick and easy to program, with an intuitive and user-friendly interface.

“Programming the robot is not particularly complex and even operators with little or no knowledge of programming language are able to create and modify its configuration if necessary.” Oriol Morgado, technician, Johnson Controls-Hitachi.


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