How a Danish logistics center saved 40 workhours a week with mobile robots

ICM is one of Scandinavia’s leading suppliers of personal protective and technical equipment, and work environment solutions. Tonnes of goods (or about 31,000 pallets) arrive at its logistics centre in Odense, Denmark every year. These are then processed into about 100,000 orders to send out, most of these next day delivery. ICM needed a way to make the most of their limited space, a way that workers embraced and that also limited downtime in order to optimize output.


Space at the center is limited, and today’s customers less patient than ever. The company needed a way to stand steady against fierce competition, a way that utilized time, personnel and space optimally.


ICM implemented three MiR1000 autonomous mobile robots (AMR) to take on internal transportation tasks. This freed up experienced logistics personnel in the warehouse, so they were able to focus on solving complex, value-adding tasks. ICM mostly handles pallets of 700-800 kg, so the high payload of MiR1000 (1000 kg) was just what the company needed. The AMRs used sophisticated technology to work harmoniously with workers, trucks and stackers, allowing for a very modern workforce.


The automated transport setup saved approximately 40 hours a week, time that the staff previously spent on moving goods between the receiving area and the positioning areas. Not only does this allow the workers to take on more preferable tasks, the ICM staff responded positively to the MiR AMRs, recognizing an improvement in their working environments.

“Thanks to an investment in three mobile MiR1000 robots, three employees now save several hours each on daily activities. They no longer have to spend time manually moving pallets from a stacker to the aisles in the high-rise warehouse.” - Jesper Lorenzen, Warehouse Assistant and responsible for goods reception at ICM A/S.

After a positive experience, ICM is now looking to automate further.


Watch our video from ICM and read the full case story


Increased warehouse safety with AMRs

While AMRs can optimize workflows, an additional benefit is the

increased safety when an AMR replace a forklift. 




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