How Argon Medical cut costs with a MiR robot

Argon Medical Devices is a global manufacturer of specialty medical products. The US based company applies innovation to all aspects of operations in order to deliver the best they can to patients and caregivers around the world. The company has three manufacturing plants in Texas, Illinois and New York, and was acquired three years ago for $850 million.


Due to the hygiene requirements of medical manufacturing, staff must put on protective clothing when they are in the cleanroom, then ungown before transporting materials around the plant, wasting hours of valuable time. On top of that, the task of transporting materials itself, was value-less and did not use human brain power.

The company needed to compete better and decided to automate in order to free up costly, highly skilled workers from menial tasks. If material handling could be optimized, management was sure productivity would increase.


Argon implemented a MiR200 autonomous mobile robot (AMR) which they controlled via a mobile phone to transport instruments from the cleanroom to the warehouse. This saved valuable time as the employees from the cleanroom environment no longer needed to ungown each time something required transporting. On top of that, the robot’s intuitive web interface and the fact it didn’t require lines or magnets to function, meant a quick and easy set up.

“My initial expectations were that it was going to be complicated, that it would be hard to figure out the software and integrate it into the building. What I’ve found is just the opposite. It was so easy that I’m able to create new missions very rapidly and easily.” - Chuck Grossman, Engineer


By implementing a MiR200 AMR, Argon Medical Devices was able to redeploy employees to more valuable activities. The time saved, was the equivalent to the work of one full-time employee, giving Argon a return on investment of just one year.


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