Why Kamstrup replaced its conveyor belts with robots

Kamstrup is a world-leading supplier of intelligent energy and water metering solutions with 1,200 employees in more than 20 countries. Their commitment to consistently search for a better way of doing things has been key to their impressive growth. This has put them at the cutting edge of technological advancement.


Due to its High-Mix High-Volume production, Kamstrup needed to optimize workflows in order to maintain its competitive positioning. Its current conveyor belt system was functional, but not flexible enough, and Kamstrup knew they needed to automate further. While the company would normally wait before using relatively new and innovative technologies, their fast growth rate needed a fast solution.


Kamstrup implemented a fleet of MiR autonomous mobile robots (AMRs) with conveyor top modules. Together these could automatically deliver and receive items in the production hall. The fully automated and flexible solution, which works non-stop, five days a week, ensured maximum utilization of production capacity. Unlike other automation solutions, implementing AMRs is quick and easy, resulting in minimal downtime.

“It’s been crucial to our success with the MiR robots that they can be easily integrated and adapted to run in an existing production. We tested and compared the solutions of two different manufacturers, and MiR by far performed the best. - Flemmming Møller Hansen, Kamstrup’s Production Manager.


Even though a conveyor belt costs half the price of a MiR robot, the value of the flexibility added by the mobile robots means that it pays off for Kamstrup to use AMR instead.

Want to know more about how AMRs can help your optimize workflows? Watch our video from Kamstrup and read the full case story here:



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