How automotive manufacturer Stera increased revenue with an ambitious automation plan

Stera Technologies is an international mechanics and electronics contract manufacturer with more than 800 professionals in its six factories in Finland and Estonia. Part of its offering is manufacturing, assembly and automation for automotive customers. As the company sells customized offerings, they need to accommodate a dynamic operating environment that can respond to unique orders.


Stera knew they needed to ramp up automation plans in order to meet changing demands and opportunities by renewing, adjusting and optimizing workflows. They needed a solution that could transport heavy goods, safely and flexibly. Moreover, it was also important that Stera experienced as little downtime as possible. They needed a solution that was easy to setup, so they could benefit from the robot right away.


Stera implemented the MiR500 to its automation mix, along with the MiR500 EU Pallet Lift. The MiR autonomous mobile robot (AMR) can automatically pick up, transport and deliver pallets at pallet stations. Thanks to the flexible top module, the robot can transport a selection of pallets around the clock.

What’s more, the impressive safety features of the MiR AMRs mean full collaboration with both human workers and trucks.

“The layout has changed a lot and we chose this MiR robot so that it can support this kind of agile environment. When we deployed the MiR system, we didn’t have to make any layout changes. That would have been necessary with other systems, such as traditional AGVs. The MiR AMR just adapted to our layout.” Jari Isatolo, Business Director of Stera Turku.


Since the automation project start, which the MiR500 AMR is part of, Stera has significantly grown its turnover. The deployment of the mobile robot enabled Stera to avoid production downtime which increased productivity and helped keep the operative level close to 100% by removing the human factor that could hinder it. Workflows were optimized so successfully that Stera now plans to implement MiR robots in its other locations.


Want more details on how the MiR AMR helped Stera ? Watch our video and read the full case study here

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