How a Fortune 500 automotive electronics supplier significantly increased productivity with robots

Visteon is the largest automotive supplier of cockpit electronics in the world. But it does more than just apply the latest innovation to its products, it also uses it throughout the whole business – and the factory floor is no different.


With dramatically changing market demands, Visteon needed to look at new ways to keep competitive.

It had to find a way to reduce the amount of manual transportation to reduce injuries, redistribute brain power to more value adding tasks and speed up processes. If Visteon wanted to increase productivity, it needed a solution to automate the workflow.


Visteon implemented a fleet of seven MiR autonomous mobile robots (AMRs) to transport raw materials around the clock. With these collaborative robots, Visteon could realize an automated, traceable, autonomous, flexible and scalable solution that could work through three continuous shifts. The warehouse area could now be automatically linked with the production. Moreover, the MiR AMRs relieved employees of the manual processes that took up their time and could incur physical risks.

“With the addition of innovative MiR technologies, we’ve improved the functioning and operability of the production plant by connecting our production and storage areas to transport our products and raw materials. In addition, these robots enable our workers to be more productive as they focus on tasks that provide greater value for the company. All of our robots are working three shifts a day, so the robots have hugely increased our capacity.” Arturo Robledo Ulloa, Plant Manager, Visteon Reynosa.


Since implementing the fleet of autonomous mobile robots, Visteon saw significantly improved productivity. They could improve and expand the company's internal logistics, facilitate the remote control of the mobile robots, while being able to trace the delivery of material. What’s more the AMR helped to facilitate a safer work environment which employees not only appreciated, but said they even saw the robots as colleagues.


Want to know more about how AMR increased productivity? Watch our video and read the full case study here.

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