Webinar: Automated inventory management with Meerkat Robot

Webinar: Automated Inventory Management with Meerkat Robot


Loh Wai Shien (APAC Area Sales Manager, MiR), Ulrich Nissen (Global Account Director, MiR), Kent Rogers (Global Product Development Manager, DHL Supply Chain), Craig Leppan (Business Development Director, Dronescan)


This webinar features the Meerkat Inventory Robot, a fully autonomous robotic platform that can carry multiple inventory technologies (barcode scanners, photo / video, RFID etc) and records the presence of inventory items in their racking locations up to 15m/50ft high. The data acquired is stored and compared real time with the expected inventory locations from the WMS. It can be sent tasks from individual location checks, new placements, empty location to full warehouse stocktake.


  • Brief introduction to MiR and our involvement in the Meerkat Inventory Robot
  • Interview of Kent Rogers from DHL Supply Chain by Craig Leppan of Dronescan covering the following topics:
    • Automate inventory checks
    • Integration with WMS
    • Increase productivity
    • Elimination of lost pallets
    • Increase worker safety

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