Global sales of AMRs and AGVs increased 162 % from 2016 to 2017

The International Federation of Robotics published their annual World Robotics 2018 reports on October 18th, and they show a substantial increase in the sales of logistics robots, including autonomous mobile robots.

At MiR, we are very pleased to be on the cover of the World Robotics - Service Robots report for 2018, in which CEO Thomas Visti, has also written the editorial.  

IFR presents impressive figures for the sales of both industrial robots and service robots. Industrial robots sales have doubled the last 5 years, while sales of service robots for industrial use grew 85 % from 2016-2017 to about 109,500 units. 63% of the total service robots for professional use were logistics robots in 2017 such as
autonomous mobile robots and IFR expects the sales of logistics robots to increase to about 600,000 units between 2018 and 2021.

MiR is one of the companies that has experienced a great growth recent years, and Thomas Visti explains the growth rates for AMRs in his editorial:  

"These years’ companies are realizing the great potential of automating in-house transportation. Manufacturing processes were early targets for automation but until recently even in highly automated facilities, material handling was often still a manual, inefficient process where employees spent valuable time pushing carts. Plant-setups are agile and dynamic, and people, equipment, pallets, and other obstacles can appear in what used to be open passageways. Mobile robots fit these environments particularly well; with the collaborative, autonomous navigation, the automated material transportation is now flexible and easily adaptable without additional cost or disruption to processes, not to mention safe for operation around employees."

Learn more about the World Robotics 2018 reports on IFRs website: