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The autonomous mobile robots from MiR can optimize your productivity, internal workflows and increase your competitiveness. Want to bring your internal logistics up to speed with AMRs that automate repetitive and injury-prone material transport and work safely alongside your employees?

AMRs from MiR are your solution. MiR is the international market leader within autonomous mobile robots. The MiR robots are today used in several thousand production and logistics environments every day around the world. Our mobile robots are safe, adaptable, cost-effective and easy to deploy. The AMRs from MiR are making automation of internal logistics easier than ever, for large multinational corporations as well as small and mid-sized companies worldwide.  


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MiR has a global distribution network, that can help you locally from scoping your project to final deployment of your MiR robots.


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The robots from MiR are highly adaptable and fit into most environments throughout industries. You have the possibility of getting an onsite demo of the MiR robots, so you can see if they fit into your application and environment.