Automation of the Material Handling of Auto Injector Assembly Lines

Jointly hosted by KPG Automation and Mobile Industrial Robots (MiR)

About this webinar:

Combination products are becoming increasingly important to deliver therapies based on complex biological molecules and today's diverse auto-injector assembly lines are at the heart of many biopharma companies’ manufacturing facilities. KPG possess vast experience in designing, integrating and deploying modules to these assembly lines, whereas MiR is the world leader in Autonomous Mobile Robot (AMR) technology. AMR’s can effectively automate many of the material handling processes, not only in the primary packing area of combination products, but also in OSD manufacturing as well as for secondary packaging workflows.

About the speakers:

Claus Folke - Global Account Director Life Science, Mobile Industrial Robots A/S
Claus Folke's background is over 25 years of strategic business development with multinational blue chip B2B companies within life science and industrial automation (industry 4.0).

Paul Kuchay - Partner, KPG Automation
With 28 years of experience in both synchronous and flexible (robotic) automation, Paul Kuchay has always been an innovator. In 2016 Paul saw opportunities in advanced manufacturing and started a company that supported the deployment of the six key initiatives within Industry 4.0. Foundationally, from 1982 to 1992 Paul served in the United States Navy Nuclear Power Program, where Paul was in rotating assignments on Fast Attack Submarines where he supervised the operation and maintenance of the submarine's Nuclear propulsion plant. In addition to operations, Paul was a Quality Assurance Inspector for both Subsafe and Nuclear systems. Choosing to leave the service in 1992, Paul sought to innovate manufacturing with a career in factory automation and robotics. Since 1992 Paul has been working in the factory automation space where he has accumulated vast experience in the assembly and packaging of medical devices, as well as a focus on drug delivery systems. This includes combination products such as auto-injectors, continuous glucose monitors, as well as insulin pumps.  Leveraging his business development, leadership experience and innovative finesse, Paul is positioning KPG Automation to lead the Life Sciences market in AMR technology by collaborating with MiR, a global leading supplier of Autonomous Mobile Robots. 

About KPG Automation:
KPG Automation was founded in December of 2019 and was started with the core team of a successful robotic integration company that was in business for 30 years. Our former company was a leader in the areas of vision guided line tracking, high speed pick and place, integrated labeling systems, flexible feeding and tray handling systems as well as end of line packaging solutions and palletizing. KPG is finalizing our QMS and we will be compliant with all applicable ISO's, CFR's and ICH's associated with handling drug cartridges and finished pharmaceuticals.