MiR demonstrates robots all over the world

September has been a busy month for MiR, where we have been demonstrating our robots all over the world at different trade shows.

R18 in Odense. IMTS in Chicago. IEAS in Bucharest. CIIF in Shanghai.

The collaborative mobile robots from MiR have been driving around in many different exhibitions the past month, and it has been a great pleasure for the MiR teams to welcome the many people in our booths, and to see how our robots are navigating smoothly in these highly dynamic environments. 

Our latest robot, the MiR500, was introduced to the American and Chinese markets during the trade shows in Chicago and Shanghai, and we have been happy to see the great attention our strongest, fastest, and largest mobile robot to date has received. 

Thanks to everyone, who came an visited our booths. We are already looking forward to next year's trade shows! -Remember you can always check where to meet MiR here.