Eight new Certified System Integrators added

Mobile Industrial Robots adds 8 Certified System Integrators to keep up with the increasing market demands for autonomous mobile robots

Certified System Integrators plan, commission and ensure effective integration of AMRs - based on extensive automation knowledge required to implement complex systems in larger factory layouts, including fleets consisting of a larger number of AMRs.

The current business environment is greatly challenged and companies adopt the automation technology to get a competitive advantage. Automation is currently playing a crucial role in many companies world wide, whether it is to keep up with the production, improve efficiency, allocate workers for more meaningful tasks or to help keeping the workers safe. MiR’s CSIs have technicians and advanced users of MiR products and know-how. They have conducted training provided by MiR, in order to certify the strong technology insights needed to ensure the highest degree of customer service.

The new partners are not only assisting in the implementation of robots, they are also enabled to offer customized solutions for end-customers’ application needs. The open interface of MiR robots makes them highly capable to customize with top modules and other equipment, which the CSI partners can advise on for current and future customers’ needs.

Global Network

MiR robots and solutions are already installed globally, and the nine new CSI partners are joining the global CSI network in Europe, Asia and both North and Latin America. They all have extensive expertise in MiR products and applications, and as super users they can support end-users with proper installation, service and support of MiR products and solutions.


Congratulations on the MiR CSI Partner status to the following eight companies:

China - Tianjin NIRIGHT Measurement and Control Technology Co. Ltd

Finland - JTA Connection Oy

Czech Republic - Amtech, Spol. s r.o

Slovakia - Amtech SK, Spol. s r.o

France - Firac groupe SNEF

Republic of Korea – Inatech

USA - KPG Automation, LLC

Mexico - Itochu Machine-Technos

Canada - JMP Solutions

The global network MiR is building up, is one point of entry for larger end-customers, as the CSI’s are able to provide and ensure a proper commissioning as well as service and support of total solutions based on MiR products. This includes the total portfolio from small and agile robots such as the latest addition, MiR250 – to the larger models, MiR500 & MiR1000 which work well with MiR Fleet.