Danish robot industry front-runner brings in new President

Søren E. Nielsen takes over the responsibilities of Thomas Visti and becomes President of Mobile Industrial Robots A/S. Only 2½ years after joining MiR as CTO, Søren E. Nielsen is promoted to President of the world leader in mobile robot production. The management change is made at the request of Thomas Visti, who wishes to pursue new career paths.

As of August 1, 2020, the owner of Mobile Industrial Robots (MiR), Teradyne has appointed Søren E. Nielsen President of MiR. With his experience as the CTO of MiR since January 2018, Søren E. Nielsen already has in-depth knowledge of the MiR organization. Teradyne CEO Mark Jagiela appreciates the continuity brought about by the appointment of Søren E. Nielsen:


Søren E. Nielsen is an excellent leader who will ensure continuity of our strategy and continued business momentum. MiR is a still a young company, with tremendous opportunity for transforming the way the world works by optimizing logistics at thousands of companies worldwide. As President of MiR, Søren E. Nielsen will carry on the passion, innovation and vision that brought MiR to this point. Our new President is an articulate leader that also has a balance of organization, process and pragmatism to effectively get things done and grow our business. He has a rare balance of solving immediate real-life customer needs and creating a roadmap for long term innovation and leadership. His thoughtfulness helps elevate everyone he works with.


Growth during the coronavirus crisis

The principal character is looking forward to stepping into his new role. He welcomes the fact that he is promoted President in times of extensive unpredictability on global markets. It is a leadership challenge that he is ready to tackle head-on, based on his valuable experience from 25 years of managerial positions with major international corporations such as Danfoss and Siemens.


Despite the current situation, MiR continues to grow in 2020. We have not put on the brakes – which makes us relatively stronger than other industry operators. Our products assist global industries, health care sectors and logistics in making up for lost revenue by increasing effectiveness and efficiency using flexible robots. We disrupt the supply chain in internal logistics while ensuring an improved work environment at customer companies by relieving staff from manual transportation tasks, explains Søren E. Nielsen, 51, a mechanical engineer with subsequent management training at McKinsey & Company.


During the corona pandemic, our rate of hiring has gone down. However, until then our staff rate has grown exponentially since the foundation of the company. This means that we have been able to consolidate our organization and optimize production processes in numerous ways. And we have profited from this, so I am proud to say that the MiR of which I am assuming the overall responsibility as of August is a stronger-than-ever company, says Søren E. Nielsen, who was employee no. 50 when he joined the company. Staff head count is now 220, with the majority based at the Headquarters in Odense.


One of the key issues for him is to maintain the corporate spirit: MiR is characterized by a strong desire to win, coupled with a healthy competitive, yet focused spirit. We quickly decide where to go, and we help each other get there – without any politic maneuvering or internal squabbles.


From “Mister MiR” to a humbler style

In just a few years, MiR has become a very well-known and renowned company in Denmark and abroad – with Thomas Visti as a very visible media front man.


It is” Mister MiR”, who is stepping down. I have some very big shoes to fill. Thomas Visti has been extremely skilled at branding MiR on a global scale – which means that we have had far more media exposure than could be expected for a company our size. As a person, I’m not that kind of person; however, I will do my very best, says Søren Nielsen.


MiR’s present CEO Thomas Visti is indeed happy with the choice of his successor:

When Søren was brought on board, we needed a leader with international industry experience. He has made a very significant contribution to the optimization of processes and procedures. So, I am very happy to hand over the reins to Søren, says Thomas Visti.


In August, Thomas Visti will be able to elaborate on his plans after he leaves MiR at the end of July – the company that has taken up much of his time and efforts since 2014. During these years, MiR has developed from a three-person company based in humble premises to a global frontrunner with 220 employees and a leading market share within autonomous mobile robots.