Overview of the service content

Access to special courses in MiR Academy e-learning

It is free to do the training of how to operate the MiR robot on a very basic level. However special courses telling how to benefit from releases of new features in the software or new products like eg. our AI-camera is connected to having a service agreement.

The e-learning platform is also used to maintain skills for specially trained people like Super User employed by you!

Wear&tear parts for maintenance

Our service-partners will do a safety- & maintenance inspection where they check the robots safety features all are functional (see check scheme next slide).

As part of the maintenance service-partners preventively change wear&tear parts that are not able to run the full period until next inspection.

Wear&Tear parts included is the caster wheels in the corner and the drive wheels in the middle. Further parts may apply for the top module – eg. actuators for the MiR standard lift system.

Batteries might be worn down, but are not included in the wear&tear parts (like eg. the forklift business). We do not have experience that the batteries are worn down easy.

Hotline support

In the frame of Full Service Package you access the hotline 24/7.

The lines of communication (also see last slide for elaboration of communications) in technical questions is always from you to the service-partner. The service-partner further has access to MiR’s helpdesk should they need assistance.

MiR can assist with guidance, remote trouble shooting through log file analysis, video reviews etc. (see specific slide on remote trouble shooting)

service-partner’s reaction time is minimum in accordance with standard SLA (see specific slide on this) but is often faster.

Software Updates

The robot might be a physical product but most of the value is intangible since created through different software, both on the robot itself and the fleet system that enables entire fleets to interact automatically.

Just as any other software do we ask that part of the cost of developing coming features are commonly distributed between customers. This is included in the service packages. If no service package you are stuck with the software version you got, when you purchased the robot(s).

Without service package you are of course entitled to bugs fixing as part of the warranty – but you will not get the new features.

MiR provides security patching on operating system regardless of service agreements.

Remote Troubleshooting

MiR can assist the service-partner in troubleshooting by video review and logfile analysis.

Since the robot runs offline it is a prerequisite for remote troubleshooting, that an on site person helps to come online – alternatively that the files are downloaded and forwarded to MiR Technical support.

Training of Super User

The Super User training is a 2 day class room training at the nearest MiR Training Center*.

Day 1 Day 2
AMR description & operating environment Remote access
Hardware overview MiR Fleet and REST API introduction
Robot interface and set up Maintenance and robot part replacement workshop
Dashboards and users overview Test, evaluation & issue certificates

The aim of the training is to avoid down time through enableing your employee to do basic fault finding, minor changes in robot missions, assist in coming online for remote trouble shooting perform basic user maintenance etc.

You pay for cost of travel and stay all other costs are included in the service package.

*Currently in Odense Denmark, Frankfurt Germany, Barcelona Spain & New York USA

Extended Warranty

With extended warranty we prolong the standard warranty terms. Since the software and the wear&tear parts are already included you are basically ensured of all cost for upgrades or repairs of course with the exception of wrong use, mechanical damage of the robots or a need that derives from changes in your lay out.

Only the Battery is not included, since the wear of the battery depends a lot of your use.

Reaction time in accordance with standard SLA

We have a standard SLA that stipulate the reaction times attached to the services.

If the service-partner is approached from you, initial answer should be given within 4 hours. If Field Technician is requested on site he should be there wihtin 24 hours – however if called upon on a national bank holiday or in weekends 36 hours.

The service-partners are often capable of reacting faster. These are MiR’s minimum requirements to uphold towards our service-partners.

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