Mirgor improves the scalability, safety, and flexibility of its operations through MiR's AMRs.

Mirgor within its plant focuses on the manufacture of televisions, smart televisions and monitors from 24" to 85" with smart 4k and 8k technologies. In the search for a technological improvement in the supply process of the television plant, the company replaced its old semi-automatic, almost manual technology, which consisted of older locomotives and relied on a human driver for 5 AMRs of MiR that are managed through MiR Fleet that represent a great improvement in aspects of safety, space optimization and supply of materials for the production line.


Tierra del Fuego

Mirgor is an Argentinean technological company that manufactures and distributes consumer electronics, auto parts, as well as exporting agricultural commodities and oilseeds.

Mirgor is based in the province of Tierra del Fuego, with factories in Rosario City and headquartered in Buenos Aires, Argentina. It encompasses six business units: Mirgor Manufacturing, Mirgor Retail, Mirgor Logistics (Mirlog), Mirgor Distribution, Mirgor Innovation and Mirgor Agriculture. For more than 37 years, Mirgor has worked integrating and empowering the communities in which it is located, with the commitment to improve itself every day, adapting to different contexts and challenges but always with the same dream: to build the future.

The workers inside the plant experienced different safety risks with the old almost manual supply system through locomotive cars that transported screens and rear covers of televisions which traveled busy routes that generated little order within the plant and made it largely impossible Measure the easy access and free work for the production line. Even before thinking about acquiring new technologies, the company believed that there was no more efficient way to optimize its processes or scale them over time for future developments.

Julio Haberle, Plant Manager at Mirgor said: “Process automation is one of the main characteristics of intelligent logistics and the direct consequence of the implementation of new technologies in the warehouse, such as automatic transport and storage systems. At Mirgor we took the time to analyze what kind of automated solutions could be applied to repetitive tasks to ensure an uninterrupted workflow. We find in MiR´s robots systems that not only have accelerated the tasks carried out in our facilities, but have also improved the safety of our workers and optimized the supply capacity of materials for our production line to the maximum”.

Smart logistics: the role of automation

Despite the fact that the Mirgor manufacturing plant is constantly evolving, the implementation of a comprehensive system of autonomous mobile robots was a great challenge that broke the paradigm of maintaining obsolete technologies or methods for many years due to being considered "functional". The company realized that, according to its type of material transportation tasks, these could be fully automated without the need for any worker to intervene directly, having to divert their attention to processes that do not generate added value to production.

The objective at Mirgor was to improve the safety of its workers and optimize the routes of materials for the assembly of smart TV screens to its production line, but with an obsolete and dangerous transportation process, high accident rates and little freedom of freedom were generated. work and travel.

Now, with 4 MiR200 Hooks and one MiR500 managed through the MiR Fleet platform, Mirgor's internal transport has the facilities of a simple and centralized online configuration, in addition to having eliminated bottlenecks and interruptions thanks to the uninterrupted operation of mobile robots within your instalations.

"With the adoption of these new technologies we can now easily program and control our fleet of robots, and we can manage our robots with different top modules, hooks or other accessories that facilitate the transportation of the materials we need that arrive quickly and in accordance with the requirements. specifications of our workers on the production line” said Miguel Santana, maintenance manager at Mirgor.

Great flexibility and ease of use: the competitive advantages of automation

Julio Haberle mentions, “Our robots maneuver safely avoiding collisions with people and obstacles, going through doors, and entering and leaving crowded areas. We are also able to download the CAD files of the building plan directly to the robots, or to program them using the simple online interface, the use of which does not require programming experience. It is possible to adapt the mission of the robot easily using a smartphone, tablet or computer connected to the network. "

Macon, a certified MiR systems integrator, has been commissioned to provide the necessary support for the deployment of MiR autonomous mobile robots in Mirgor. “A new generation of autonomous mobile robots is changing the way businesses transport materials within their facilities, and MiR robots are leading the way. With extraordinary flexibility and smart technology, MiR's AMRs can be used in virtually any situation where employees are in charge of pushing carts or making deliveries. Now it is possible to automate these tasks, so that employees can focus on higher value activities. " Emiliano Herrero, Macon sales director.

MiR robots are safe and cost-effective mobile robots that quickly automated internal transport and logistics tasks. The robots optimized workflows, freeing up staff so the company could increase productivity, safety, and optimize the supply of materials to its processes.

Competitiveness guaranteed for the future

“More and more companies are benefiting from one of Industry 4.0's favorite technologies: mobile autonomous robots. At Mirgor we couldn't let more time go by to stay competitive in the market and MiR undoubtedly represents a great ally in this work that drives us to improve day by day. We will undoubtedly share our experience on the application of this technology in all our plants to continue carving out a profitable future within our industry.”, Julio Haberle points out.

Mirgor has as many edges as the world's needs. That makes them change, grow, divide and multiply, maintaining transparency in everything they do, sharing each success with their partners.

Over the years, they have developed an excellent logistics capacity, building strategic alliances with multinational companies around the world, and, above all, a production culture based on the demanding requirements of the electronics industry.