Mobile Industrial Robots A/S expressly disclaims liability for any and all damages or injuries caused as a result of customer’s failure to operate the robot in strict compliance with the User Manuals, follow and implement the recommendations in this Safety Notice.

Safety Notice

Subject:       SAFETY NOTICE: Lithium batteries, 24V and 48V 

Products and product serial numbers: This Safety Notice comprises robot models with the following numbers:
All MiR100, MiR200, MiR500, and MiR1000 with 15-digit serial numbers
All models with 9-digit serial numbers up to the below stated serial numbers.

MiR100 w/ 1 battery: 201703081 MiR200 w/ 1 battery: 201903019 MiR500: 202503019
MiR100 w/ 2 batteries: 201803021 MiR200 w/ 2 batteries: 202003024 MiR1000: 202603001
MiR100 BOR: 202103127 MiR100 CN: 202203056    

Issued by:  
Odin Skovsted, Director
Date:           December 17, 2020

This is an update to the Safety Notice published on September 28, 2020 when MiR informed of the battery issue and MiR’s ongoing efforts to determine contributory causes and further refine corrective actions.   

After extensive testing and analysis to determine potential contributing causes and to determine the action(s) required, MiR has reached a solution that adequately reduces the risk of batteries catching fire.

Lithium battery technology poses a risk for fire. Several functions are implemented in lithium batteries to ensure that the lithium cells remain in the specified operation range. The issue brought to our attention is that one of these charging functions does not achieve its intended function. This could lead to overheating and in rare cases, a fire could result.

Find the serial number:

  • Check the product serial number (S/N) on the robot’s identification label. To see where the labels with serial numbers are located, see Identification labels on the MiR website under Solutions.

Recommended actions:

  • MiR100 with S/N up to 180100002000599 and MiR200 with S/N up to 180200011100199:
    • Replace the battery unless it has already been replaced as a result of the original Safety Notice issued September 28, 2020. Take necessary risk mitigation steps, such as supervised charging until a replacement can be made.
  • MiR100 with S/N from 180100002000600 or with any 9-digit S/N and MiR200 with S/N from 180200011100200 or with any 9-digit S/N :
    • Update the battery firmware* using the guide How to update the battery FW on MiR100/MiR200 on the Distributor site.
  • MiR500 and MiR1000:
    • Update the battery firmware* using the guide How to update the battery FW on MiR500/MiR1000 on the Distributor site.

The firmware* update might result in a battery that cannot power the robot. In that event, or where we recommend a replacement, contact your MiR representative to arrange a shipment of new battery free of charge.

Questions about this safety notice: 

Contact your MiR representative, or send an email to safetynotices@mir-robots.com. The email will be redirected to your regional MiR Technical Support Manager. 

FAQs are posted below.

Download this Safety Notice as PDF file.

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