Supply Chain Resiliency: Challenges And Opportunities

The Covid-19 pandemic has changed the manufacturing sector profoundly, shaking-up accepted norms and highlighting the need for a comprehensive business continuity plan leveraging advanced automation and digital tools for remote production.

In light of this, Industrial Automation Asia is hosting a webinar to bring together manufacturers and industry experts to shed greater light on the current crisis and plot a course forward, providing expert opinion on business continuity and building greater resilience in the manufacturing sector.

MiR is pleased to be part of this insightful event along with the other industry experts. Marck Madsen, MiR Asia Pacific, Sales Director, has the privilege to share some insights on the topic about Supply Chain Resiliency: Challenges And Opportunities. 


  • General megatrends that affect internal logistics
  • How COVID-19 has affected the situation
  • Outlook for implementation of Mobile Robots
  • Autonomous Mobile Robot (AMR) Technology and Applications
  • Important things to consider:
    • Safety
    • Demos and PoCs
    • Training
    • A peek into real-life applications


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