Universal Robots (Taiwan) Virtual Fair: COLLABORATE—2021線上協作自動化大展

When: 1 - 7 November 2021

Where: Virtual (FREE)

Universal Robots joins hands with the industry's leading brands to invite you to experience the latest collaborative robot applications and usher in a new level of productivity and quality improvement. 

Mobile Industrial Robots — Asia Pacific team, is excited to take part in this event where we will showcase the latest in our Autonomous Mobile Robots (AMRs) technology. We will also talk about automation, why companies adopt AMRs and feature some real-life applications of our technology in various industries.

In this virtual fair, you can explore the latest concepts and shortcuts of automation, learn more about successful cases of collaborative robot deployment in the manufacturing industry, and speak with colleagues and well-known collaborative robot experts.

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Mobile Industrial Robots — Asia Pacific兴奋加此次活動. 我們將展示我們最新的自主移動機器人 (AMR) 技術和論自動化 AMR 何以備受企業青睞,並展示我們的技術在各個行業的一些實際應用。