Quality Policy

Customer Focus - We build in quality throughout the product lifecycle & the entire value chain. We focus at meeting our internal & external customers’ expectations and measure the satisfaction

Improvement - It is an ongoing effort from all employees in MiR to improve our quality in our solutions, products and processes. We shall, continuously, improve the quality experienced by our customers

Process Approach - We place priority on how things are done. We value process orientation as base for achieving our quality results

Engagement of People - We train, involve and motivate all our employees to actively contribute to quality - in a better way. Quality is delivered through a pro-active focus from every employee

Relationship Management - We use the knowledge about and experience of our suppliers, to develop partnerships and thereby foster improvement within performance and quality

Leadership - We set quality targets, use data and fact based analysis in our improvement of the quality in solutions, products and processes


14. January 2020

Søren E. Nielsen Mette Juliussen
President Quality Director