MiR is an open robot, ready for your application to be integrated. With MiRGo we present some of the applications that are ready to go.

On this site MiR is visualizing the endless applications possibilities with a MiR robot. You will also be able to ask for the documentation you need to make your application.

Here you can see different categories and specific products and solutions made by 3rd parties for the customization of MiR Robots in order to meet specific customer needs.  

See how top modules give MiR robots flexibility for nearly any tasks

Explore the MiRGo universe. Choose your application:

Want to develop MiRGo products?

MiR is built to be open and flexible for any integrator – The different applications and solutions proof the flexibility of our robots. If you are interested in integrating to our robot. Please contact us in order to get the needed MiRGo documentation to develop or setup your application.


Mobile Industrial Robots is not responsible for the products shown on MiRGo. We only distribute the information provided by our partners. Our partners are fully responsible for the product.