MiR Virtual Roundtable 3 - Advanced Technologies and Robotic Structures

Want to learn about advanced technologies and robotic structures that add value to MiR robots? Join our webinar.
This is already the 3rd session of MiR Virtual Roundtable that embraces new companies such as Amtech, HMI MBS, Inatech and Visual Components.

Olivier Pommares (Sales Manager France for Mobile Industrial Robots) will present these companies and walk you through MiR products and history.

THURSDAY 4th JUNE 2020 – 09:00-10:00 CEST

Company Profiles:

  • Amtech: the company AMTECH, spol. s r.o. supplies technological equipment and materials for electrical and electronic production. At the same time, it also provides service and consulting activities, training and technical support for all supplied equipment and technologies.
  • HMI-MBS: HMi-MBS, a company of 32 engineers and technicians, offers innovative products and solutions to all your strapping and industrial robotization constraint
  • Inatech: Inatech is a factory automation company that provides comprehensive solutions required in the era of the 4th Industrial Revolution through long experience and advanced technologies.
  • Visual Components: Visual Components is a developer of 3D simulation software for manufacturing. Visual Components software is used for applications including layout planning, production simulation, off-line programming and PLC verification.


  • MiR introduction presentation – 10 minutes
  • Amtech presentation – 10 minutes
  • HMI MBS presentation – 10 minutes
  • Inatech presentation – 10 minutes
  • Visual Components presentation – 10 minutes
  • Q & A – 10 minutes