Disinfection robots are making the difference in a post-pandemic world

Organizations across the world have started to adapt to a new reality with restrictions in commercial activities and social distancing. In order to protect employees and businesses, automation is now an essential part of a new reality, which has increased awareness and need for flexible solutions, especially when it comes to disinfection processes. 

Automated sterilization of spaces is not only limited to the healthcare sector, but also useful across a variety of sectors. Such solutions can be used in places like:

  • Supermarkets
  • Airports
  • Public transport facilities
  • Government buildings
  • Schools and universities
  • Offices 
  • and more 

Automation will be a necessity in a post-pandemic world 

Once the global health crisis subsides, manufacturers need to navigate through the long-term economic effects of the pandemic. This gives businesses the opportunity to reassess and redesign their supply chain processes to maximize productivity, reduce costs and inefficiencies in order to remain competitive.

Financing and leasing programs ensure accessibility to the latest mobile robot technology, even with restricted budgets.   


How can robots assist?

MiR robots can contribute in continuing production whilst maintaining acceptable social distancing between employees. 


Three reasons to consider disinfection robots  

  • Disinfection robots optimize internal cleaning cycles      
  • Ensuring a safe work environment for employees
  • Easy integration and programming without changing in the existing factory layout 

The flexibility of the MiR robots have enabled MiR partners to offer a variety of disinfection top modules
which turn a MiR robot into an autonomous disinfection robot with UV light, spray disinfection and more.