MiR Core Values

At MiR, our Core Values form the foundation of our company and help guide us in our decision making.

Our Core Values are essential for our success and serve as the lens through which we evaluate every business decision.

Our commitment to these values, in both words and actions, builds a stronger MiR. They are the values that make us successful!

We have a winning mentality and go the extra mile to be successful. We always aim higher, dream bigger and execute. We share and celebrate success. We are ambitious and confident, that we can achieve great results together.

We strive for excellence within our own area of responsibility. We show integrity and passion in all we do. We have courage to say no when needed and focus on high quality. We take responsibility and are accountable. Our mindset is positive, and we communicate assertive, accurate, effective and unambiguously. We focus on giving constructive feed-back and learn from our mistakes and success.

We enforce respect between our people and our customers. We are upright and make sure we treat each other respectfully to foster a good working atmosphere. We share opinions in decision-making, and we are open and honest. We motivate, encourage and support each other with joy.

We are constantly up to date and on top of future technologies. We embrace changes and challenges. We are innovative, dynamic, curios, responsive and first movers.